ICE HOTEL, Sweden by Rhenz Restrivera



ICEHOTEL is the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow. Founded in 1989, it is reborn in a new guise every winter, in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi – 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The Torne River, the arts, and creating a setting for life-enriching moments are at the heart of it all.


The Torne River

With its impressive length of 520 kilometres, it runs from the ancient mountains in the west down to the coast in the east, where it f lows out into the Bay of Bothnia. As the largest of Sweden’s four national rivers it is rare – indeed, unique. One of the last untouched rivers in Europe. A wild river.

Hearts beat for art

When the first snow has sprinkled the whole of Jukkasjärvi with white, artists from all over the world come together in the village to take part in creating the art exhibition of snow, ice and light that makes up Ice hotel. “Ice hotel is an art symposium in a class of its own. The energy released here when creative people from a wide variety of backgrounds and places meet the ice is almost tangible,” says Arne Bergh, partner and sculptor who’s been part of Ice hotel since the start.



-Art Suite (cold room)

Each suite is individually themed and hand carved by artists commissioned from around the world and a wide range of disciplines.  Spending a night in ICEHOTEL is a surreal experience and a memory for life. You are awakened in the morning with a cup of hot lingonberry juice at your bedside and a sauna session and hot shower awaits before breakfast.

The art suites, are our individually designed and sculpted thematic suites. The artists, perhaps from Kiruna, Germany, UK or the US have been picked from over two-hundred applicants and invited to make the suite you’ll be sleeping in. Each suite is unique and has never been created before.

The room holds a temperature of -5 to -8 degrees Celsius. The bed you sleep on has a thick mattress that rests on a wooden base. The bed is covered with reindeer hides and you sleep in a thermal sleeping bag. Instead of doors the hotel rooms have curtains that you draw to give you and your company privacy. Your luggage is stored in the luggage storage room prior to your overnight stay. There are communal changing rooms, toilets and saunas for women and men in the warm section of Ice hotel. A complimentary private changing booth is included when you book a winter suite.


Room Facts

  • 2 or 3 beds
  • 27 square meters
  • Breakfast included
  • Free entry to sauna included
  • Guided tour of ICEHOTEL included
  • Loan of snowsuit, boots, mittens and balaclava included
  • Private changing cubicle and storage
  • WiFi
  • Non-smoking only



-Arctic Chalet (warm room)

Our Arctic Chalets are traditionally Scandinavian with natural materials and colors. Rustic, simple and comfortable, this two bedroom apartment is decorated in natural materials and organic shades of dark blue, white and brown.

The Arctic Chalet has a rustic character, with pine wood paneled walls, tiled floors and birchwood details complemented by shades of dark blue, grey and white. The apartment sleeps two or three, with one queen bedroom and one single bedroom, and also has a small lounge and kitchenette.

The cabins are located in a u-shaped walkway between Icehotel, the main reception and shop – all within a couple of minutes’ walk.

Room facts

  • Three beds
  • Two bedrooms
  • Lounge and kitchenette
  • 33 square meters
  • TV
  • WiFi
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron & board on request
  • Tea & coffee
  • Non-smoking




BY Rhenz Restrivera




PROPELLER ISLAND – Berlin, Germany

Searching for a peculiar and out of this world place? A lodge located in Berlin, Germany could just be an answer. It surely live up to its name which is known as Propeller Island.


The name Propeller Island is a pseudonym used by Lars Stroschen, who is a known German artist to define and depict his audio-visual creations, unlimited diversity, unique and one and only works. His guiding principle as he create this masterpiece was “Repeating nothing and copying nothing”

This city lodge is located in the heart of Berlin, which surely catches the heart of the people as well with its peculiar and habitable work of art.


It never fails to attract everyone that is why it is being frequented by personalities from around the globe, it also serves as a much-desired shooting site for photo sessions and etc.

as said on their website:

“no, this is not one of those trendy designer hotels…it is more like a private planet which has evolved in unique synchronicity with the tastes of its inventor. here, nothing has been bought, every single construction is a singular novelty, everything is authentic and everything has its own special function – nothing is fake, nothing is mere decoration. no plastic and no papier-mâché.
there is not just colourfulness behind these walls, but pure composition in vivid colours. the CITY LODGE is intensive but subtle, ironic but coy, an all-round work of art, including its resident sound-sculptures.
whoever utilises the simple mechanical constructions here, really sees and knows what he/she is doing – a winking and welcoming alternative in a world of silicium cells. characteristically, this contrast programme to virtual and cyber spheres was conceived by someone who otherwise does everything by computer…
whoever desires freedom can find perennial inspiration here. truly. the unfolding mental universe of our guests is the joy of the creator.”

Maybe that is why this will stick or will be a highlight of your stay or trip in Berlin.




 – slanted floor
– furniture appropriately modified PRICE: 115 € *
A room with a slanted floor which makes grandma’s bed seem to fly. The wardrobe comes out of the wall, but table and chair have got to stay straight! In the rustic bathroom of natural stone you will find eggplant-coloured slate.



 – bed is suspended from ropes (1.6 metres high)

PRICE:115 € *

Your place of rest is literally knotted to four large ceiling rafters with thick shipping rope. The bed suspended one and a half metres from above can only be reached with a vertical ladder. Climb, climb! Unfortuntately, security regulations bar this room from being rented out to overweight guests!



 – Entirely decorated with mirrors
– Common bathroom
– No Smoking RoomPRICE: 79 € *
Definitely one of City Lodge’s highlights. The diamand-shaped room is completely(!) laid out with mirrors and gives you the impression of living in a kaleidoscope. Caution: Very sexy!



 – sleep in coffins
– or in the labyrinth belowPRICE: 115 € *
In both coffins you can even slumber beneath closed lids! Exclusively connoisseur room for all those “Nosferatus” who cannot wait for that which awaits us all. Whosoever has second thoughts can creep to the bedplace below, safe within the labyrinth. Not only a unique experience for Gothic die-hards…an exquisite location on top of that!

To know more about the lodge you could visit their website at:



Calling all the car lovers out there! This hotel will surely rev your engine!


As you arrive at  V8 Hotel, you will be immediately met with legendary vintage cars right in the lobby. What more could lure you in is the car museum  with cherry red vintage Porsche, old timer Mercedes Benz, and even a few high end Alfa Romeo. There are car sales dealers located right in the museum and several of the shiny cars are for sale.


Being near to the industrial hub of Stuttgart meant that Boblingen Airport was an obvious target for Allied bombers and was left in ruins by the end of the war. But the building was eventually rebuilt and reopened as the V8 hotel opened in 2009.


The V8 Hotel occupies only half of the terminal building, the other half is shared by the Meilenwerk, an auto museum that offers car enthusiast a rare look at a fascinating collection of classic, vintage and collector cars, and everything else related automobiles.

Hotel employee Heike Petzold said: ‘Everybody wants to stay here when they come to the Meilenwerk.


Each room has his own personal touch, its unique character and is dedicated to themes related to the automobile.






Magic Mountain Hotel, Huilo Reserve, Chile

1.pngDeep in southern Chile lies the Montana Magica Lodge – an extraordinary hotel hidden away in the centre of a 300,000-acre private nature reserve.This hotel is also known as .Montana Magica Lodge is a sight to behold.  As its own website puts it, there may be no better “reminder of the majesty of Mother Nature.” It is depicted as a strange volcano-like building spews water instead of lava; its welcoming windows adorned with moss and vines, complementing the surrounding trees. As you could see in the image given it looks like the kind of place the blue folk from Avatar might hook up with Hobbits and Ewoks to go on a holiday. But this is neither Pandora, Middle-Earth nor the Star Wars forest moon of Endor.

Attrap Reves, France

Ever thought about literally living (and sleeping) in a bubble?

5.pngThe innovative Attrap’Reves hotel consists of habitable plastic bubble domes and was built using recyclable materials.These transparent “spheres” are maintained by a silent blower, which continuously allows fresh air to get in and keep a high level of oxygen.Unlike more common outdoor adventures (such as sleeping in a tent), these intriguing bubbles come with an ingenious developing concept, allowing visitors to spend the night under the clear skies, without experimenting any drawbacks like bad weather, insects or humidity.


Catering on site is also possible, A stay here is priced from 109 euros in low season for two persons, telescope with star chart included.The names of the bubbles-like units are revealing; Zen, Nature, Glamour, 1001 nights or Chic & Design. Our favorite is Nature, with its grass flooring and remote location.


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Situated in the pine woods around Harads are six interesting “tree rooms” (more are wanted to open sooner rather than later). Treehouses incorporate the glass container like Cabin, the exact Bird’s Nest, the amazing intelligent Mirror cube and the UFO (envisioned), which helps visitors to remember the last scene in E.T. There is additionally a Tree Sauna. Youth treehouses never seemed as though this. Driving Swedish designers give the patio staple a weird cutting edge makeover at the Tree hotel (opened in 2010, it was motivated by a film around three men who rediscover their roots by building a treehouse). Every treetop suite has its own look, whether taking after a winged animal’s home or a flying saucer, or apparently built altogether from Lego pieces. The shrewdest shows up built from nothing by any means: the reflected outside mirrors the woods on all sides—as though making a hole in the space-time continuum. Eight to ten extra rooms are made arrangements for the encompassing backwoods zone.


This unique property offers a novel stay among the trees of Harads’ timberlands. It mixes front line engineering and plan with home solaces like tea/espresso creators and free Wi-Fi. Tree hotel’s eco-accommodating rooms include extensive beds and additionally jazzy, up and coming stylistic layout and furniture. Actually, all rooms offer perspectives of the backwoods and encompassing field. Each has a can and washbasin, while showers are found in a neighboring building. The kitchen group at Treehotel concentrates on wild amusement and privately sourced fixings in its dishes. The inn sauna and hot tub can be utilized for an extra charge. Boden is a 40-minute head out, while the waterfront

city of Luleå is an hour’s excursion from Tree hotel. The closest shops and swimming pool are 2 km away in Harads town. This property is additionally appraised for the best esteem in Harads! Visitors are getting more for their cash when contrasted with different properties in this city.

The Hotel Also offers a vast array of activities to be enjoyed by guests!

Some Rooms and Rates:


The Cabin – “This treeroom’s location was based on the idea of creating a platform high up on a sharp hillside overlooking the Lule River valley. You can reach the hut from here via a horizontal bridge among the trees. At the front of the bridge is a large wooden deck.”


The U.F.O. – “While working on the Bird’s Nest, which is largely in harmony with its surroundings, the idea of creating an entirely different environment was born. And what could be more different than an UFO?”


The Mirror Cube – “The Mirror cube is an exciting hide-out among the trees, camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings. The dimensions are 4x4x4 meters. The base consists of an aluminum frame around the tree trunk and the walls are covered with reflective glass.”

Rates and Reviews 9.1/10


Trip Advisor 4.5/5


The Mirror Cube – Room prices

All prices include a buffet breakfast. All prices are in Swedish Kronor and include VAT. The prices below apply to The Mirrorcube.

For 2 people 4700
Infants 0-2 years Free


The UFO – Room prices

All prices include a buffet breakfast. All prices are in Swedish Kronor and include VAT. The prices below apply to The UFO.

For 2 people 4700
Extra adult 850
Extra child 450
Infant 0-2 years Free


The Cabin – Room prices

All prices include a buffet breakfast. All prices are in Swedish Kronor and include VAT. The prices below apply to The Cabin.

For 2 people 4700
Infants 0-2 years Free


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Since its unveiling in 2006 this masterpiece created by Frank Gehry to house the Hotel Marqués de Riscal has become a highly sought after contemporary, luxury retreat. Design, art, gastronomy, wine and the lush landscape all combine to create a memorable sojourn at The City of Wine.


Located in Rioja Alavesa, Spain. The stunning Marqués de Riscal, a Luxury Collection, is located in Elciego, in La Rioja’s Álava province. Designed by Frank Gehry, this avant-garde hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a spa and 2 restaurants. Most of the unique rooms at the Hotel Marqués de Riscal feature a distinctive zig-zag window seat with views of the valley. The black marble bathrooms are fully equipped and include a hairdryer.

The Vinothérapie Spa, by Caudalie Marqués de Riscal, offers a range of grape-based treatments. There is also an indoor pool, Hamman, fitness centre and massage services. At the top of the hotel there is a rooftop library-lounge and a wine bar. You can enjoy panoramic views from here or from the 8 terraces. The hotel organises wine tours round the Marqués de Riscal vineyards and the Vivanco Museum, Europe’s largest wine museum. Hotel Marqués de Riscal is easily accessible from the AP-68 Motorway which runs from Bilbao to Zaragoza. The Marques offers 43 uniquely shaped rooms in two sections connected by a spectacular foot bridge. The whole building is raised above the site on columns, which allows the space underneath to be used as an entry plaza.


Concept: Everything is wrapped in falls of titanium (Canopies) hued in pink, gold and silver in the light of day in their bends mirrors the red tints of red wine, brilliant and silver cross section of the container on the jug of wine Marques de Riscal. The veneers of stone and wood windows down discoursed and diverges from the customary structures of the nineteenth century environment, utilizing a sandstone with the same tone of the conventional arquuitectura around there.

Why It’s Unique: The billowing titanium canopies that bedeck the hotel are functional as well as aesthetic. Located in a sunny hilltop, the colorful metal ribbons also act as a sustainable means of shade and serve as temperature modulators for the hotel.

  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Sun terrace


  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Fitness centre
  • Solarium
  • Spa and wellness centre
  • Massage
  • Hot tub/jacuzzi
  • Hammam
  • Indoor pool (all year)
  • Bikes available (free)
  • Library


Food & Drink
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Breakfast in the room
  • Snack bar
  • Special diet menus (on request)


  • Free!WiFi is available in all areas and is free of charge.


  • Free!Free private parking is possible on site (reservation is not needed).


Reception services
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Express check-in/check-out
  • Currency exchange
  • Tour desk
  • Luggage storage
  • Concierge service


Entertainment and family services
  • Babysitting/child services


Cleaning services
  • Laundry
  • Dry cleaning
  • Ironing service
  • Shoeshine


Business facilities
  • Meeting/banquet facilities
  • Business centre
  • Fax/photocopying


Travelling with pets?
  • Pets are allowed on request. Charges may be applicable.
  • Room service
  • Packed lunches
  • Airport shuttle
  • Car hire
  • Shuttle service (surcharge)
  • Airport shuttle (surcharge)
  • Newspapers
  • Safety deposit box
  • Gift shop
  • Shops (on site)
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Facilities for disabled guests
  • Lift
  • Soundproof rooms
  • Heating
  • Allergy-free room
  • Air conditioning


Languages spoken
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • English
  • German

Reviews: 9.1/10


Trip Advisor 4.5/5